Vitality is the goal.


Good health is so much more than just the absence of disease!

The body is a dynamic ecology of trillions of cells and microbes that function as one unit.
No single part of the body functions in isolation. This means we CAN NOT treat just one body part in isolation if we hope to be healed/healthy.

You have probably noticed that conventional approaches target only the physical body?

This approach is out of alignment with the body’s needs, and disregards many factors that impact health.
The symptoms presented by any disease can be underpinned by a combination of factors that could be physical, emotional, biochemical or environmental in nature. Dysfunction/problems in any one area creates stress in the entire system.

For Healing to occur all of these factors need to be considered.

The problem for the traditional practitioner is that it is virtually impossible to establish ALL the factors influencing a disease because the body, and its relationship to the world is far too complex for any doctor to fully comprehend based on medical training alone.
This leaves a gap in the healing process that is effectively addressed by the quantum medicine approach which we utilize at The Quantum Health Story.

Symptoms are like the tip of an iceberg that constitute only 10% of the whole iceberg. All the real causative factors of a symptom are analogous to the 90% of the iceberg that is hidden under the water!

We help you discover the real underlying causes of your
illness and this is the key to lasting results.
While diet and correctly administered medication plays a
huge role in any healing protocol, clinical experience has
shown that it does not hold the key to full body healing.
Too many patients remain symptomatic despite proper diet and excellent medical care.

It does not matter what specific medication or diet you have been prescribed; the non-invasive Quantum Medicine approach is sure to support you further.

You don't have to "get by" with surviving, when you have the option to THRIVE!!!

With the Quantum Medicine approach, it is essential that you become involved in your own healing. This means you will receive a deep understanding of why you were sick in the first place, and as a result, you will not repeat the habits that keep you chained to patterns of disease.
By being involved, you will also gain a clear understanding of the role your body plays in healing itself. This is the first step in the healing process.
Clinical studies show that a patient’s understanding plays a very important role in their healing and recovery.
At The Quantum Health Story, we do not diagnose disease.
The holistic nature of our approach establishes the root cause of disease and/or illness and thus complements and supports any conventional / medical treatment that you may otherwise be receiving.


The True nature of Disease

Disease and Illness are not  just physical in nature. Every disease or illness that
manifests on a physical level began, at some point, on a subtle level, and it is almost always a result of the nature of our ingrained Belief Systems and our Emotions.

Disease is a sign that something is out of balance on a deeper level of your Being, and it needs to be addressed physically,  emotionally and existentially.
When we can see disease as  an opportunity for personal growth, and when we reach beyond our programmed beliefs and childhood imprintings,  then the disease can serve its purpose. Dealing with disease and illness in this manner allows us to give meaning to our experience, and allows healing on the deepest level so that patterns of disease are not repeated. This is how we heal.